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canada goose 5 points submitted 1 year agoi feel like they screwed up the structure of the Canada Goose sale podcast. Tate should remain producer/moderator, driving the conversation from point to point and asking questions. then the commentators should have a discussion. instead, we are given a clusterfuck of hot takes, awful/corny jokes, and stupid fucking narratives. it was AWFUL.pat barker is awful and if i see his name on the podcast, i won listen. that dude has a face for radio, a voice for newspapers, and jokes for a kindergarten classroom.ncleon2010 11 points submitted 1 year agoour OLine outperformed every single person expectations last year. i don canada goose store care what anyone says now, but there is just no way anyone saw their performance as a unit coming. Oher was a canada goose black friday sale great LT (now he about to sign an extension), Norwell and Turner turned into Canada Goose online two of the meanest guards in the NFL (Turner has All Pro written all over him and probably already Top 3 guards in NFL), and Kalil was healthy, meaning our linchpin was there all season to lead the group. with all that being said, Remmers was buy canada goose jacket cheap clearly the weak link as RT. he played great at times, played alright at others, and struggled canadian goose jacket as well. uk canada goose outlet as a unit, they were great. but teams will trying to exploit Remmers this season (see, Denver blueprint). what will happen? i sure as hell don know.what i am trying to say is something like Gettleman “maybe the answer is on the roster.” if Remmers struggles, i really canada goose uk outlet hope Daryl Williams can step canada goose new york up and succeed. in 97 98, teams did not take more shots because they could not make them at the same percentage. teams today take more shots because they can make them buy canada goose jacket at a pretty good percentage.hypothetically, i believe that if you were to constrain teams to only take 12.7 3PA per game, then the Canada Goose Jackets % made is higher.back to control, teams have just learned how to scale the 3 canada goose coats pt shot. teams can now maintain similar quality but a much larger production because the players ability to shoot has improved. 1 point submitted 1 year agoYou have a fair canada goose factory sale point. Its from 2014 so it also doesnt account for the HUGE increase we got yet over these lat 2 years.Also as you can see by those stats, due to changes in regulations 2% cheap canada goose uk conversion is going downwards.If that goes downwards despite less shot taken (And we should assume higher quality shots and higher conversion shots. Its a fair assumption given how few jumpshots are taken just inside the 3pt line these days compared to the game years ago) and as you point out (tho to be demonstrated) players are simply better shooters it makes it SO MUCH MORE VALUABLE TO HAVE THE REWARDS FOR 3s BEING HIT!Using the percentages provided by that link (48.8% NBA average 2pt% and 35.8% NBA average 3pt% for 2014), the expected points per shot are 0.976 pts/2pt and 1.074 pts/3pt. essentially, an average shooting NBA canada goose coats on sale team will score 1 more point if you take 10 3pt shots over 10 2 pt shots.I like your idea though. and the math works out nicely. if a 2pt shot is now 3pts and 3pt shot is now 4pts, using those same NBA averages, your expected points per shot are 1.432 for a “3pt” and 1.464 canada goose for a “2pt”.theoretically, the level playing field would encourage many different playing styles that could be equally effective. but what are the unintended consequences?looking back at the historical %, the expected points in 1991 per 2pt shot was.976 and per 3pt shot was.96. in 1980, the expected points per 2 pt shot was.976 and per 3pt shot was.84!so, why would anyone want to take more 3pt shots?the inefficiency didnt until people recognized the opportunity. meaning, they realized that there could be a real statistical advantage, but whether it was the system, players, or rules, the teams were not able to exploit conclusion is that, at today fg%, the rule change to move from 2 to 3 and 3 to 4 makes sense. but will it make sense cheap Canada Goose in 20, 30 years? uk canada goose will teams and players adapt to the new potential advantage of a 4 point shot?Gettleman clearly values canada goose clearance interior pressure. He recognizes a market inefficiency in the way canada goose uk shop other teams value edge Canada Goose Outlet pressure, so he takes DT that are undervalued.DT is arguably the most valuable position for the Panthers. but Gettleman would agree canada goose uk black friday and so would i. not only does their pressure collapse pockets and allows DE and edge blitzers to be isolated, but also their ability to occupy blockers allows our LBs to be canada goose clearance sale free to make plays against the run. Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis are only as good as the DTs Canada Goose Coats On Sale in Canada Goose Parka front of them and it would be criminal and shameful to not protect them with talented DTs.this pick is not some out of the box, whimsical, or nonsensical pick. it is doubling down on what has made our defense so successful the past few years. it provides depth at the position and insurance, not only for this coming season, but also for the future as neither Short nor Lotulelei are in long term deals yet.ncleon2010 38 points submitted 1 year agoidk, personally, i be surprised. DWA has a multiyear deal to produce hundreds of hours of content for Netflix. Canada Goose Online granted, the new agreement is young and may have an escape clause, but this feels like an acquisition that is adjusting Comcast strategy going forward. remember, Comcast isnt just your cable provider it an entertainment corporation, owning Universal Pictures, Fandango, NBCUniversal, etc.

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