canada goose clearance s Kelly Retourne 28 from Sixmode

Canada Goose Jackets Leather: On to the bag itself. I was pleasantly surprised when I took the bag out of the dust bag. My first thought was so this is what togo leather is supposed to be like! I previously bought a cheap birkin rep many buy canada goose jacket cheap years ago (300USD) on iOffer which was supposed to be togo but was so plasticky, smelly and stiff. This was nothing like that! The canada goose clearance sale leather is smooth, supple to the touch, and smells glorious. Sixmode claims to use the same leather as Herms, but I take that claim with a pinch of salt since it seems to me rather unlikely that it would be so easy, or even possible to obtain leather. Anyway, I decided to go with cheap canada goose uk togo for this, my first proper H rep (lol the one I bought years back hardly counts, it was so bad. I carried it a few times but felt so embarrassed eventually I just gave it away), because canada goose coats on sale it seems to be the most common H Canada Goose online leather and easier to get right, so to speak. I never touched auth togo before so I can comment on how it compares, but I happy with the quality of leather canada goose black friday sale on this canadian goose jacket bag.

canada goose black friday sale Hardware: the engraving on the hardware on the plaque is crisp and looks like it the right font. It the newer HERMS PARIS buy canada goose jacket as opposed to just HERMS PARIS (I read on here that the engraving has been changed to this from approximately 2016 if I remember correctly). The little pins holding the hardware in place have tiny dents on them, which, according to what I read (again, if I remember correctly), indicates that the hardware was attached by hand and not by machine. The turn lock is a tad stiff, but turns smoothly.

Canada Goose online Stamping: Now, this is the main beef I have with the canada goose store bag. The stamping is quite messy. I disappointed, especially since I seen some of SU bags with really good stamps. But well, buying reps is always a uk canada goose outlet gamble. I told SU about it, his response was it harder to stamp on textured leather on togo. I understand that, though H and the higher end rep sellers don seem Canada Goose Coats On Sale to have a problem with that. But for SU price (significantly cheaper than UB or Symode), I can accept. I don think this makes the bag immediately call out able since the stamp canada goose coats is actually really small irl, canada goose and is mostly hidden except for when I open and close the bag. Also, because it silver on grey, it not that obvious.

canada goose deals Overall, to explain my rating, I took one point off because, well, it not the auth. I took another point off canada goose uk shop for the stamp. Canada Goose Online The other half point off cheap Canada Goose is because of a very small thing the glazing in the small rectangular window in the hardware canada goose uk black friday on the flap (the part where the turn lock goes through) is a little messy, I had to fill in a couple of small gaps with black marker. I forgot to take a photo of this (really, it such a small thing I only discovered it when I was closing the bag again after taking photos), but I not really Canada Goose Outlet affected by it.

Canada Goose Parka I have nothing but good things to say about SU. He (I assuming it a he, since he calls himself sixth uncle) always responds very quickly to my questions and queries. Some of you may remember that I had some problems with my payment initially (basically I paid via PayPal not knowing that it was automatically Goods Services, we wanted to do a refund so I can pay by other means instead but the PayPal website had a glitch or something so SU couldn find a way to refund). SU was super patient through the process and worked with me to resolve the issue with PayPal canada goose uk outlet (eventually PayPal called him and managed to process the refund). canada goose clearance After that, because I can pay with his usual modes of payment (Alipay and WeChat pay), SU actually revived his Taobao store just so that I could pay him that way (Y). I really appreciated how he made the effort to help me (a relatively new rep buyer) out when he could very well just have left me to figure out the payment by myself.

cheap Canada Goose In total, my bag took slightly more than a month to be ready since it was made to order. I mostly left SU to it. When I checked in after about 3 weeks, SU very quickly updated me Canada Goose sale that it would be ready in about a week, and that he would send photos once it was done. He did just that. I also chatted with him a bit, to ask if he had any recommendations on where I could buy a nice twilly. His response was that he would gift me one 🙂 When he sent me the pre shipping video, I was pleasantly surprised to see that he also included a rodeo. Initially, he included one in a matching colour. He was more than obliging to change it to a blue one after I asked if that was possible because I preferred something contrasting. I would have been ok even if he didn change it (after all, it a gift with purchase. I not entitled to it), but I thought it was nice uk canada goose of him to accommodate my request.

canada goose coats on sale Overall, I had a great experience buying from SU and I would definitely consider getting more H bags from him. I probably stick to Kellys though because: (1) I prefer the Kelly compared to the Birkin anyway (I like to be hands free so the strap is really handy), (2) it a better idea to get Kellys if there a risk of messy stamping (since the stamp would be hidden most of the time). Sixmode also does other H bags like the Constance, Lindy, Roulis etc. From the pics I seen on his WeChat moments, they look pretty good as well. SU did mention to me that Canada Goose Jackets they still working on improving their Constance though. According to him, they do Birkins, Kellys and Lindys the best. If I get another Canada Goose Parka bag, I probably spring for a Sellier Kelly 🙂 canada goose factory sale.

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